Quarantine Eyes is an idea that came to my mind during these last few months while the entire world had to stay inside and quarantine ourselves due to COVID-19.  This has been an extremely difficult and challenging time for women and girls of all ages.  There was no way to get to our usual appointments of our hair, nails, waxing and all other beauty appointments, and my career as I knew it for the last 20 plus years had been turned upside down.  

As phase 1 began in my state of Maryland and we were allowed to venture out, I had an AH-HA moment and thought of this idea of Quarantine Eyes and using this idea to GIVE BACK!  I was finally allowed to get out of the house!  It made me feel good to put a little make up on my eyes, throw on a cute mask, and even get a compliment!  This made me realize that I can help and needed to do something!  Quarantine Eyes was designed and created to help women and girls to continue to look fabulous and feel beautiful in “our new normal” of wearing masks in public.  I want to make it easy for women and girls of all ages to look and feel their best in these challenging and scary times.

I have created and designed 3 gorgeous and easy to use eye combo kits that include: two mineral eye shadows in a mirrored black compact, one gel eye liner, and one extra volume mascara for a very special low price.  There are many other Emily Cosmetics products that you can add to your Quarantine Eyes to make your eyes really POP while wearing your mask!  The best part is not only the price, but a portion of all sales will be donated to my favorite charities such as providing school supplies to students in need during this pandemic, donating to women’s shelters, and food banks.

Stay Healthy and Safe
Emily Dreisen Goldberg
Emily Cosmetics, LLC